I’m Back Is Back With I’m Back 35, Now Works With Even More Analog Cameras

I’m Back is a brilliant gadget that turns analog camera into digital camera. It created quite some interests back in 2017 and today, it is back with I’m Back 35. As the product name suggests, it adds digital imaging to 35 mm SLRs.

UK Photographer Creates The World’s Biggest, Smallest And Most Impractical Camera

First, we read about nature’s very own monster penguin that lived 30 million years ago and now we seeing another giant object, but this time, it ain’t nature’s doing. It was UK-based photographer Brendan Barry’s work of art: a giant-size fully functioning camera. What you see here is possibly the world’s biggest camera, appropriately called […]

This Real Potato Camera Does Indeed Takes Potato Quality Photos

Talked about potato quality photos. Here’s a camera that takes potato quality photos and it really is of potato quality because, the camera is literally made out of potato. Also, you’d be surprised who made it because, I sure am surprised. It was made by the folks from our favorite YouTube channel Corridor Digital, specifically […]

Leica Camera Purportedly Own By Amelia Earhart’s Is On eBay For £50K

It is understandable that some avid collectors with the money to burn will want to collect a piece of the history that comes with proper provenance, but what we can’t comprehend is, why would anyone sell a so-called “piece of history” that has questionable provenance at an auction house kind of pricing. Such is what […]

What Can Teach You The Basics Of Camera Better Than A Book That’s Literally A Camera?

Books on camera/photography are a dime a dozen, but nothing teaches you the basic principles of photography better than a book that’s literally a camera. This Book Is A Camera, published by Museum of Modern Art, is exactly that. It is a book on camera and it is also a camera. In other words, this […]

This Attachment Will Turn Vintage Film Cameras Into Instant Cameras

If you are still holding on to vintage cameras that has a film holder on the back, we have an exciting news for you. A Taiwan company called Rezivot Lab has designed a special accessory that will turn vintage medium- and large-format cameras into instant cameras. Yup. Instant gratification has arrived to these almost forgotten […]

I’m Back Wants To Turn Your Old Film Cameras Into Digital Cameras

While Yashica is back in business with a camera with faux film, an Italy company wants to turn actual analog film cameras into digital cameras. The product called I’m Back, is an add-on device that goes into where the film would normally go into, thereby taking over the job of capturing images. Instead of film, […]

This Camera Has Drinking Straws For Lenses And It Actually Works!

Now, we all know that pinhole camera is perfectly capable of capturing image. After all, that was the basis behind how a camera works, but do you know that a bunch of straws can also do the same too? Yup. Straws. The thing that you use to suck beverage contained inside a drinkware. I never […]

Awesome DIY Pinhole Potato Camera Literally Takes “Potato Quality” Images

Badly taken photographs are often referred to as “potato quality” which I thought is an insult to the starchy, tuberous crops because potatoes are actually much sought after as far as gastronomy is concerned. Seriously, you don’t find other starchy crops turned into French Fries, do you? Thus, I rest my case. Granted, the look […]

This Vintage Mini 35mm Camera Was Probably The First Wearable Tech

Wow. This vintage mini 35mm camera could very well be one of the earliest known wearable tech cos’ it can be worn on the wrist like wrist watch too. Created by one Austrian chemical engineer, Rudolph Steineck, this mini analog camera was first came onto the market in 1957 in Switzerland and it had three […]