Custom LEGO Slope 45 2x2 with Working Display

In the die-cast model world, there is a group of specialists who turn all manner of lights in die-cast cars into functional lights – complete with a remote to operate them. For LEGO models, there are kits that will let do that too. Light mods add unexplainable magic to any model and toy. But this magic is limited largely to lights. Well, that’s until a New Zealand-based maker, James Brown (@ancient_james), comes along.

Custom LEGO Slope 45 2x2 with Working Display

Brown has created a LEGO slope 45 2×2 using 3D printing and stuffing a working display in it to realize the computer function this particular type of LEGO brick is often used to represent. When first came across Brown’s creation it was pure ecstasy. I mean, it’s surreal to see a miniature computer boot up, you know, loading stuff, or seeing the animation of radar sweep instead of sticker or print.

And yes, the translucent blue slope 45 2×2 is a 3D printed item and the studs are the result of casting. Though it is not clear what material was used. Whatever it is, James’ custom slope element looks exactly like the real deal – except that it is more real because it has a working computer display in it.

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Custom LEGO Slope 45 2x2 with Working Display

Brown’s slope 45 2×2 packs a 0.42” OLED screen (QT1306P82) with a circuit board to is home to a Cortex MO processor (STM32FO30F4P6, 16K flash, 4K RAM). That’s right. It is a legit computer. One I am sure Emmet would appreciate.

The slope 45 2×2 has to be plugged into a custom 4 x 8 LEGO platform that houses a 9V battery for it to function. Exposed contacts on the select studs serve as the contact points to power the miniature computer.

Folks, if this is not the next level of LEGO hacks, I don’t know what is. Absolutely astonishing. You may learn more about this awesome creation by following the thread on nitter.

Images: Twitter (@ancient_james).

via Hackaday.