Meet Flow, Insta360’s First Smartphone Gimbal

Modern-day flagship smartphones are fully capable of handling a bit of shake when recording a video but let’s be honest, there is so much OIS and/or EIS on a thin device can do. If you want real stable video footage, you ought to have steady hands and/or a gimbal of sorts.

Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories Marks Kodak’s Foray Into Mobile Photography

Kodak, a brand best known for its film in its heyday, is today, maker of almost anything photography-related including mobile photography. The company has announced a new line of Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories by its authorized brand licensee, Eye Caramba, at IFA in Berlin, Germany.

This Travel Tripod Is So Good That It Is Nearly $6 Million On Kickstarter

Camera tripod is hardly a product anyone would described as gorgeous, but here it is, a tripod which we are very much inclined to called gorgeous or even sexy. Created by Peak Design whom you may remember for the super cool Capture V2 Camera Clip System from 2013, it is hard describe how brilliant the …

Edelkrone Reinvents Tripod By Doing Without The Three-leg Design

A camera tripod’s design has stuck for a long time and for good reasons: the adjustable, three-legged design offers reasonable amount of stability and at the same time, affording the flexibility for use on uneven terrains. So, there’s really no need for anyone to reinvent the wheel. The tripod is good as it is, but …

Satellite Slider For DSLR Cameras

getting smooth panning footages out of a DSLR is an art, which unless you are a humanoid, you won’t be able to get that perfect, jerk-free panning and that is why there are sliders and dollies to help us get the job done professionally. if you are in the market for one, you might want …

Joby MPod Mini Stand

with smartphone being the shooter of choice for our daily photography needs, it makes perfect sense to be toting around a tripod to facilitate self-portraits, group shots and the likes. however, there exist a stumbling block: our smartphone doesn’t have a standard tripod thread. this is where the Joby MPod Mini Stand comes into play.

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

tripods needn’t to look bland and the Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod proves that point. not only does it look rad, it is totally functional and intuitive to use. clad in a lightweight stainless steel construction, the PIXI tips the scale at just 8 oz. (227 grams) and featuring an innovative push-button mechanism, allowing flexibility in framing your subject.

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