unless you are into Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield-style cinematography, shaky footages are not in anyone’s favor (it makes us want to throw up, really). that said, camera movement is one element that sets a professional film apart from amateur videos. while there are dollies out there to achieve smooth panning, nothing beats a motorized solution that will offer consistency in movement, and that is exactly what Axis360 is able to achieve. available in a variety of combinations to suit your needs, the Axis360 is a compact and lightweight motion control system that allows your DSLR, mirrorless camera or cinema camera to rotate and slide according to a preset program.

currently, three models are available for your taking. at the most basic level, there is the Axis360 Basic that does panning and there is also the Axis360 Plus for pan or tilt movement, and finally, the Axis360 Pro is packed with pan, tilt, or slide features. there is a catch though; the controller is the brain of the system, with each controller being a specialist responsible for one axis and therefore, if two or more axis movements are required, you will need to add more controllers. on the bright side, this means that the Axis360 is actually pretty scalable and is able to size, so to speak, according to your needs. additionally, the controller can synch super slow moves and timelapse photos on most Canon and Nikon DSLR camera with the included cables.

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the ‘muscle’ of the system is the Axis360, which is essentially a digital stepper motor that’s able to hustle up to 11 lbs (5 kilograms) of rig with precision, and can be configured to pan, tilt when used with the tilt kit and slide, if used with the slider. with the Axis360 Modular Motion Control For Cameras, virtually anyone can be a pro film maker as far as videography is concerned. Cinetics, the creator of the Axis360 and also the same folks behind CineSkates, is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for this product, where you can pre-order yourself a setup for as low as $395 and expect shipment sometime in May 2014. have a few more look at the product after the break.

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