CineSkates: affordable portable camera sliders

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(credit: CineSkates) CineSkates Portable Tripod Dolly | from US$150 |

understanding the need for a portable and affordable camera slider for everyday people, Texas-based start-up Cinetics created this gadget, dubbed as CineSkates. so what does this thing do? well, as you can see, it is basically a GorillaPod Focus on wheels. instead of cumbersome and expensive professional equipment, CineSkates allows user to do smooth tracking shots with a small portable and affordable device. plus the fact that it is based on the proven GorillaPod Focus, means the CineSkates is embodied with the flexibility when needed – be it arching or twisting to an awkward angle or whatever – and yet still achieving a steady and smooth video footage that up till now, budget videographers can only dream about.
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the CineSkates consists of three parts: the wheels that fit to the GorillaPod, the GorillaPod itself and a ball head for attaching your camera to it. awesomely cool stuff. CineSkates was developed by Justin Jensen (also founder of Cinetics) at the MIT MediaLabs, and he’s currently seeking funding for his awesome creation via Kickstarter. the project has 49 days to go but has already surpass its initial goal of $20,000 by more than 200 percent. you can get your CineSkates for a Kickstarter pledge of $150 or the full kit for $275. check it out here. also check out a video intro of this wonderful product after the break.

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Kickstarter via DesignBoom

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