5 Million Dollars, 1 Terabyte – an art or freedom of piracy?

5 Million Dollars, 1 Terabyte 544x308px
(image credit: Art 404)

as we go full-on into the digital age, art form takes on a whole perspective. case in point: a hard drive with a capacity of 1-TB sits at one corner of Art 404 Gallery as an art installation. however, the highlight of this art installation is not the hardware itself but rather, it is the content within. it turns out that within this seemingly harmless external hard drive, it has $5 million ($4,971,760, to be exact) worth of stolen digital materials, including Adobe Font Collection, Adobe Creative Suites, 124 GB of music collection, more than 270 GB worth of ebook and among the many others. hence, the art installation’s name “5 Million Dollars, 1 Terabyte.” i wonder what will FBI make out of this? i am not sure what is the motivational factor here, perhaps it is call for the freedom of [file]sharing (i won’t call it piracy, it is such a nasty word) or was it an anti-piracy movement? well, that’s the beauty of art. it makes you guess. for the curious mind, you can check out the full list of what’s loaded within the hard drive here [PDF]. oh, you see the guy in the image above? i can assure you that he is not part of the art installation.
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5 Million Dollars, 1 Terabyte 544x311px

Art 404 via Gizmodo

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