Insta360 Flow AI-tracking Stabilizer

Modern-day flagship smartphones are fully capable of handling a bit of shake when recording a video but let’s be honest, there is so much OIS and/or EIS on a thin device can do. If you want real stable video footage, you ought to have steady hands and/or a gimbal of sorts.

Insta360 Flow AI-tracking Stabilizer

This is where Insta360 Flow comes in. From the maker who is best known for its pill-shape cams and 360 cameras, is its first AI-tracking stabilizer for smartphones.

The Insta360 Flow boasts a 3-axis gimbal stabilization that would let you record ultra-smooth, shake-free footage. It further touts Insta360’s Deep Track 3.0 which follows the subjects in real-time, rotating to follow the movement, and automatically framing the shots.

Deep Track 3.0 is made possible with these technical features:

  • Person Re-Identification to continue tracking the same person throughout a recording even if they’re blocked from view and All-Angle Tracking to continue tracking as the subject’s shape changes.
  • Zoom Tracking, Slow Motion Tracking, and even Live Mode for tracking while video calling or live streaming in another app like FaceTime, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Tracking Recovery for when a subject moves out of frame. The Flow will keep tracking it by zooming out or following the direction it is moving.
Insta360 Flow AI-tracking Stabilizer

Because it is purpose-designed, independent hardware, it excels in low light and even when zooming in.

The Insta360 Flow really is an all-in-one tool for content creators. I mean, you still do have to supply your own handset but beyond that, it has everything you need.

It is a tripod, a selfie stick that extends to 215 mm (8.5 inches), and it has a built-in cold shoe for adding a mic to level up the audio.

Did we mention that it is can serve as a power bank too? It is packed with a 2,900 mAh battery which offers 12 hours of operation and can charge a smartphone as it is recording.

The device folds down to a pocketable size and it can be quickly unfolded in one motion.

Insta360 Flow AI-tracking Stabilizer

Unlike traditional smartphone holders, selfie sticks, or gimbals, it does use a spring-loaded clamp to hold your phone. It has a magnetic phone clamp that goes on your phone, allowing the phone to quickly attached to the Flow.

With iPhones, the Insta360 app will detect Flow when attached and send a notification to open the Insta350 app to connect.

Control of the Flow is via a functional yet minimalist SmartWheel located within your thumb’s reach on the handle.

he Insta360 Flow AI-tracking Stabilizer is available now via and Amazon for US$159.

Insta360 Flow AI-tracking Stabilizer
Insta360 Flow AI-tracking Stabilizer

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Images: Insta360.