The age-old debate about what utensil to use and how it should be used when creating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will never have a resolution. However, there is one tool that will have you covered no matter what is your choice of utensil – unless your choice is the pump.

Skippy Peanut Butter Fan Tool PBJ X Pro

Meet the Swiss Knife for making PB&J, the PBJ X Pro by the peanut butter brand Skippy. It looks like a Swiss Knife but it is far bigger. Skippy did not reveal the size but from the unboxing video, we gathered that it is at least a foot long.

Skippy brand peanut butter has created this ultimate PB&J-making tool to celebrate National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (yup, it’s a thing, alright) on April 02, 2023.

Billed as a one-stop-sandwich solution, the PBJ X Pro features a mirror to catch any messy mishaps before you leave the kitchen, a custom stamp to engrave all PB&J creations, a crimping wheel to remove the crust, a knife, a separate knife, a spoon, and two totally unrelated to sandwich-making tools: a flashlight to peek at the bottom of the jar or some covet midnight snacking, and a speaker.

The good news is the PBJ X Pro is not a concept. The bad news is, it is not available to buy. Only one is made and it will be a giveaway to one lucky fan in a sweepstake. You can learn more about how you can have a shot at winning this awesome Swiss Knife for PB&J sandwich-making HERE.

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Image: Skippy.

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