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The Muncher: More Than A Utensil, It Could Be Used To Fix Stuff Too

In a situation where you are fighting for survival, you wouldn’t care less if you eat with your bare hands, but then again, why should you when you have an awesome creation such as The Muncher Titanium Multi Utensil? Yes. It is not a typo. It really is a multi utensil because, in addition to providing you with the luxury of a spoon/fork combo, AKA spork, for your meals, it also comes with no less eight other functionalities, of which, at least five of them are essential tools that could be instrumental in filling your empty stomach while you are out in the wild. These essentials include a peeler, a bottler opener, a can opener, serrated butter knife, and a box cutter. If you chose the hypalon pouch option, it even comes with a ferro fire flint that will aid in fire starting. Continue reading The Muncher: More Than A Utensil, It Could Be Used To Fix Stuff Too

Ponti Studio’s Kitchen Utensils For Ommo Are Both Fun And Functional

If you appreciate good kitchenware, you will appreciate what Hong Kong-based Italian designer Andrea Ponti has came up with. In a project for Ommo, a design-oriented brand, Ponti Studio introduces three lovely guys: Diga, Koma and Torus. Using curve lines and colors, the trio is as fun as it is functional. There’s no form follow function or vice versa; it is just form and function, and minimalist at the same time. The first of the three, Diga, is a duo tone melamine salad bowl that hides a nifty feature beneath: a disk located at the bottom of the bowl allows the it to lock in water for washing vegetables and with a twist, it can be opened to drain out the water. Closing the disk, the bowl can continue to be used as a salad bowl, which is what Diga is. Continue reading Ponti Studio’s Kitchen Utensils For Ommo Are Both Fun And Functional

Research Lab Develops Electric Fork That Adds Salty Tang To Salt-free Meals

It is well documented that over intake of salt is one of the main culprits of high blood pressure. According to Blood Pressure UK, “eating salt raises the amount of sodium in your bloodstream and wrecks the delicate balance, reducing the ability of your kidneys to remove the water.” Our body reacts by introducing more water to get rid of the excess salt, which for some people, may lead to a rise in blood pressure. While we know the downside of salt, we can’t do without them. The key here is moderation, but what if a person has reached the point that he or she should not be consuming salt at all? Well, it looks like help is here – thanks to a special fork known as “Electro Fork” developed by Rekimoto Lab at the University of Tokyo. Continue reading Research Lab Develops Electric Fork That Adds Salty Tang To Salt-free Meals

Fold Project’s First Product is a Flat-packable and Reusable Eating Set

As it is, mankind are creating crap load of waste that mostly ended up in landfills and despite the myth, Earth doesn’t quite have the luxury of space for that. That said, we can all do our part by recycling or at least try to minimize the generating of waste. Don’t know how to start? Well, simple, you can start by using The Fold Up Eating Set by Fold Project at your next party, picnic or camping. As we all know, those are activities that we tend to use disposable utensils and cutlery. Not only is The Fold Up Eating Set not disposal i.e. no more throwing, it is designed to be flatpack, which saves you up to 97 percent of space and weighs in at mere 70 grams. Clearly, flatpack is way easier to bring than those cumbersome disposal bowls and plates. Continue reading Fold Project’s First Product is a Flat-packable and Reusable Eating Set

Triangle Tree Wants You to Eat Your Spoon After Using It

if you eat takeout often, then you are guilty of contributing the hard-to-decomposed, non-biodegradable disposal plastic spoons. apparently, it takes at least 20 years for it to decomposed under “best conditions” or over 1,000 years in less-than-ideal conditions such as landfills. sounds a little scary, doesn’t it? disposable plastic spoons might be small, but they do adds up over time, unless you could eat the spoon after using it, then that would solve the problem. that’s exactly what Triangle Tree is proposing with The Edible Spoon. Edible Spoon is an utensil that you can consume after you have done using it. it doesn’t look too appetizing to us, though it does look like chips, only thicker and longer and with a bowl for scooping. Continue reading Triangle Tree Wants You to Eat Your Spoon After Using It

OneBowl Lets You Cook, Strain, Eat, And Store With Just One Bowl

no kitchen will be so tiny that it only allows for one bowl plus a couple of cutlery, but if there were to have such a scenario, then you will appreciate what the OneBowl can do and even if there isn’t such a scenario, the OneBowl is set to revolutionize the way you make Ramen or macaroni to fill your growling stomach. designed by recent college graduate Justin Herd, this is the one bowl that wants to rule them all, letting you cook (say for example, your Ramen), strain out the excess water and eat from the very same bowl – all without getting your hands burnt by the hot liquid or hot-out-of-the-oven bowl. the bowl features a built-in strainer, activated by a swift twist of the bowl, but it will remain water tight until the stainer is purposely activated. Continue reading OneBowl Lets You Cook, Strain, Eat, And Store With Just One Bowl

Standard Spoon For Craft Cocktails

making cocktails on casual basis won’t hurt your wrist a bit, but it certainly won’t hurt to have a beautiful and functional cocktail tools, such as this beautifully crafted Standard Spoon For Craft Cocktails at hand if you are, one) particular about the tools you use when creating your favorite concoctions, or two) find yourself making cocktails more often then you should. Standard Spoon is the upstart that is responsible for the bar spoon you see here. it has, like most bar spoons, an extended handle to facilitate mixing and layering of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed drinks. there two versions available: the Standard Classic and the Spin. the Classic offers a weighted end and a slender and smooth design to ensure minimum friction when stirring and also ensure ease of insertion around ice. Continue reading Standard Spoon For Craft Cocktails

Semi-Horned Oblong Versatile Eating Ladle (S.H.O.V.E.L.)

a titanium spork is the last thing you’d expect to be doing anything else other than feeding yourself, much less one that is totally open source so that you could further improved on it without being slapped with some legal suit. but here it is, the Semi-Horned Oblong Versatile Eating Ladle aka S.H.O.V.E.L., a multifunctional spork (or foon, if you like) that performs like what a spork should (i.e. sip soup and dig into food), plus a few survivalist handy features such as a serrated knife edge, a bottle opener, and a six feet worth of red paracord wrapped around it. the fact that it is designed as a titanium piece not only gives it the aesthetic appeal but also for practical strength and durability. for tinkerers, innovators and idealists, the deal is made sweeter by the fact that this whole damn thing is open source, which means you and everyone else can chip in your own ideas on how to further improve its design, or like what some individualist like to say “make it your own.” Continue reading Semi-Horned Oblong Versatile Eating Ladle (S.H.O.V.E.L.)

Credit Card Cutlery

Credit Card Cutlery
Credit Card Cutlery | US$tba

ask yourself this: how many times have you forgotten to grab a disposal fork when buy your lunch? with the rush-rush lifestyle, we tend to forget this small but essential item and seriously, eating with our bare hands is the last thing on our lunch list. and it is certainly not fun sitting in the middle of the park, staring at your Caesar salad without a cutlery to savor it. this is a situation where you wish you have the Credit Card Cutlery stash inside your wallet. Continue reading Credit Card Cutlery

Titanium Kung Foon

Titanium Kung Foon
(photos: GSI Outdoors) Titanium Kung Foon | US$16.95 | www.gsioutdoors.com

spork is a result of a spoon spliced with a fork, which we thought was a pretty cool invention but the Titanium Kung Foon elevates the spork to the next level by incorporating a nice pair of wooden chopsticks into it. the spork part of the Kung Foon needs little introduction: we all know it is good for biting into your food and the deep bowl form allows scooping of soups and cereals but it is the chopsticks part that adds to its functionality. the chopsticks slide into the foon handle, transforming the otherwise short utensil into a long handled utensil that is well suited for scooping, scraping or stirring in narrow pots. Continue reading Titanium Kung Foon