ChopChucks 2.0 Chopsticks and Skill Toy

Regular person keeps their hands busy with fidget toys like a spinner. Meanwhile, ninja keep their hands busy with ChopChucks 2.0. Clearly, the ninja is a winner here because when it is time to savor those sushi sifu made, it can swiftly turn into a pair of chopsticks.

ChopChucks 2.0 Chopsticks and Skill Toy

As the product name suggests, ChopChucks 2.0 is not new. It is a second iteration. The first version was cool and all but it had some kinks. Like it takes a bit more time to turn it from a fit-for-ninja fidget nunchucks to chopsticks and vice versa, and when in chopsticks form, it has an extra part lying around.

With the ChopChucks 2.0 Chopsticks and Skill Toy, it cuts assembly time by a whopping 80%. Now, all you have to do is to unscrew the end, flip the chopstick bit around and screw it back in and voila! It is done just like that. Swift like a ninja would approve.

Moreover, this process does not require the removable of the rope (known as Himo in an actual nunchaku, btw) that connects the two nunchucks. In fact, not only you do not have a loose piece lying around when you dig into your favorite ninja dishes, the “Himo” actually keeps the two chopsticks together and so never risk losing either one. The two are bound together, just like you and ChopChucks 2.0.

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Each chopstick measures 195 mm (7.68 inches) long and when stowed away, it measures 111 mm (4.37 inches). Like the first-generation ChopChucks, the ChopChucks 2.0 Chopsticks and Skill Toy is made from titanium and offered in a choice of polished or stonewashed.

If you are down, you may pick up ChopChucks 2.0 from Kickstarter for 32 quid or more (about US$38, according to Kickstarter). The campaign has met its funding goal and so, the product is a go. 

All images courtesy of Plei Design.

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