You know the business of officially licensed products has gone totally bonkers when official Star Wars photocopy paper is a thing. Yes. You read that right. Official Star Wars photocopy paper. But why Star Wars photocopy paper? Well, because straight up business-looking copy paper boxes and ream packaging are never enough. Never. Ok, maybe we never gave a though if they were enough until Quill shove this, the Star Wars Letter-size Copy Paper, into us and all of the sudden, there’s a revelation: we have been putting up with the mundane for this long? Following the revelation comes the disbelief that we didn’t even know what we have been missing all these years.

Quill Star Wars Letter-size Copy Paper

Folks, we have been photocopying and/or printing it wrong, but luckily Quill saves us with 500 sheets-a-ream high-quality letter-size, plain white paper (92 bright white, to be precise) wrapped in Star Wars designs and packed into in a carton box covered with Star Wars prints pulled from the original Star Wars trilogy. And you thought that’s all it has to offer? Of course not. There’s life after you have use the ordinary white paper; the lid can be turned into a Star Wars wall art, along side your proud college degree, Employee of the Month award and whatnot, and the box comes in as a handy storage for miscellaneous stuff, or in a not-so-ideal scenario, lets you pack your belongings, in Star Wars style, when you are unfortunate enough to be kicked out of the company.

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Quill Star Wars Letter-size Copy Paper comes in 10-ream-a-carton and retails for $39.99, which is less than you would pay for copy papers in mundane packaging. So, why not?

Quill Star Wars Letter-size Copy Paper

Quill Star Wars Letter-size Copy Paper

Images: Quill.

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