Nissin Foods Introduced A Specially Designed Fork For Consuming Nissin Cup Noodle

If you have consumed Nissin Cup Noodle before, you will know the pain when eating with a fork. Understanding this issue, Nissin Foods have partnered with Nendo to create a special fork that works with the narrow and tall nature of Nissin Cup Noodle.

Save The Ocean And The Turtles With This On-The-Go Reusable Cutlery

Plastic attributed by one-time use cutlery are probably less significant than straws, but hey, if you are on a mission to save the ocean (and sea turtles) and by extension, the world, from being suffocated by plastic waste, why stop at reusable straw? You should be thinking about reusable cutlery too. However, you do not […]

“Wearable” Modesty Curtain For eating Is Straight Up Goofy!

When you see a name like “Unnecessary Inventions”, you’d probably expect some really goofy creations like those found in 101 Unuseless Inventions. In other words, inventions that sounds useful (and may actually be useful), but looks absolutely ridiculous. Or basically, just absurd ideas that somehow puts a smile on your face like the Cuisine Curtain […]

Dune Flatware Set: Silverware Turns Artistic And Personal

To many, fork and spoon are just fork and spoon, but to Hong Kong-based, Italian designer Andrea Ponti, it is something more ‘personal’. They are not merely ‘tools’ for introducing food into your mouth; they are ‘tools’ to your culinary experience and this ideology is boldly expressed in Andrea’s latest creation, dubbed Dune Flatware Set, […]

This Smart Chopsticks Will Tell You If Your Food Is Safe For Consumption

you know what they say about ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’? well, the smart chopsticks is somewhat the ‘desperate measures’ and the ‘desperate times’ here would be the spade of unsafe food found around China in recent years. smart chopsticks, officially known as kuai sou (literally translates to chopsticks find or search) is the […]

Credit Card Cutlery

ask yourself this: how many times have you forgotten to grab a disposal fork when buy your lunch? with the rush-rush lifestyle, we tend to forget this small but essential item and seriously, eating with our bare hands is the last thing on our lunch list. and it is certainly not fun sitting in the middle of the park, staring at your Caesar…