Credit Card Cutlery

Credit Card Cutlery
Credit Card Cutlery | US$tba

ask yourself this: how many times have you forgotten to grab a disposal fork when buy your lunch? with the rush-rush lifestyle, we tend to forget this small but essential item and seriously, eating with our bare hands is the last thing on our lunch list. and it is certainly not fun sitting in the middle of the park, staring at your Caesar salad without a cutlery to savor it. this is a situation where you wish you have the Credit Card Cutlery stash inside your wallet. design by Devon Briggs, this flat-pack fork is made from die-card biodegradable plastic sheet and slips in your wallet conveniently along side your bills and cards, ready to be deployed when you are left without a fork. and that’s not all, the relatively spacious space on the card presents an opportunity for businesses to put their branding or advertising on it. for example, an airline can have their branding or specific campaign printed on the Credit Card Cutlery to increase awareness with more visual which should generate a more lasting impression as oppose to just a single tagline printed on the napkin or the traditional plastic cutlery. unfortunately, it looks like the Credit Card Cutlery is still a concept at this stage but we have no doubt that it could be a reality in time to come. and if it becomes available, you will be sure we will be carrying one around. though we have to remind ourselves to disinfect it before we proceed to stick it into our mouth, less we start tasting the bills instead.

via Gizmodo UK via Yanko Design

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