SYRE Bluetooth Wristband for iPod Nano
SYRE Bluetooth Wristband for iPod nano | from US$50.00 |

though the new generation iPod nano is wrist-friendly, the cumbersome cable necessary for us to enjoy the music makes us feel a little awkward at times, or should we say, all the time. a cable sticking out from your wrist not only makes it look odd but it also impedes our movement, especially if you use it as your sporting companion. what the iPod nano sorely missed is Bluetooth connectivity which the SYRE will gladly equips it with. enclosed within its sleek, silicon polymer construction is a Bluetooth chip that Bluetooth-enables your nano, allowing it to be used with Bluetooth headphones for a wire-free experience. the SYRE truly completes the nano wrist watch functionality. finally, we don’t have to look silly wearing it with a cable sticking out and most importantly, there will be no more cable to interfere with our movement, be it while working out in the gym, cycling, running or whatever. additionally, the SYRE keeps the nano’s data port sealed from moisture, thus completing a package that’s truly suited for any sporting activities where sweat and moisture are your nano’s worst enemies. the SYRE is a Kickstarter project which has already surpass its set goal and yet, it has another 30 days or so to go before the funding completes. so, it goes to show what consumers really want. for $50 or more, the SYRE can be yours to own with expected delivery of between 4 to 6 months. check out a few more look and a product video after the break.

Kickstarter via Cult of Mac

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  1. Afternoon,

    This is a great product, the SYRE Bluetooth Wristband for iPod nano. I
    stay in East London, South Africa and is interested in buying this product.
    What is the cost and where can i order one from.

    Neville ([email protected])
    27 83 440 7658

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