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Bluelounge MiniDock for iPhone 5 - EU version

Bluelounge MiniDock for iPhone 5

looking to cut the clutter in your gadget-laden life? well, you can start by getting rid of your iPhone 5 charging/syncing cable with this nifty little accessory called MiniDock for iPhone 5. if the ‘MiniDock’ sounds a somewhat familiar to you, you’d be right: it was introduced a couple of years ago for the iPhone 4 and now, it is being redesigned

Ubooly Plush Toy

so your old iPhone or iPod touch just became a hand-me-down for your kids? well, don’t just let them fiddle with the cold, hard, emotionless gadgets. get them a Ubooly and give them the childhood they deserves. so what’s this oddly named plush is all about? for starter, Ubooly is a cuddly, plush toy but instead of those boring non-reciprocating plush you have when you…


we are no stranger to watch band that turns your iPod nano into a cool touchscreen wrist watch. there are so many of them in the market but hardly any that truly suits the fairer sex. silicon-based iPod nano wristband is good for hitting the gym and stainless steel item is a little too manly for our lady friends, so there’s a void to be filled…


though the new generation iPod nano is wrist-friendly, the cumbersome cable necessary for us to enjoy the music makes us feel a little awkward at times, or should we say, all the time. a cable sticking out from your wrist not only makes it look odd but it also impedes our movement, especially if you use it as your sporting companion…