Gramophone-inspired sound dock for your iPod

Gramophone iPod Station 544x488px
(credit: Pottery Barn) Gramophone iPod Station | US$95.00 (sold out) |

the Gramophone iPod Station is yet another gadget that had me at ‘hello’. well, it didn’t actually said ‘hello’ to me but you get the idea. this iPod sound dock takes on the retro path in the guise of an older than old school gramophone – the grand daddy of all speakers. like its grand o’daddy, this docking station features the flared brass horn of the turn-of-the-century gramophone while the base is crafted out of maple veneers with a deep-espresso stain.
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i hope you are savoring the image of this gorgeous item cos’ i have bad news for you: this item is listed as ‘Sold Out’. you know? it means you can no longer buy it until it gets restocked, if Pottery Barn ever restock it. i am incline to think it will not be on sale again judging from its compatibility list which is limited up to certain generations of iPod. you can say it is kind of dated but nevertheless the Gramophone iPod Station will always have a place in our heart.

Pottery Barn via Cool Material

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