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Gramophone For iPhone and iPad

just when we were talking about how Gramophone-style speakers almost always comes in natural amplification form, we stumbled upon yet another beautiful power-free example, also based on Gramophone design (obviously), coming from Restoration Hardware. this device or accessory, if you prefer, is simply known as the Gramophone For iPhone and iPad – a name that is as simplistic and beautiful as the hardware itself. obviously, this speaker aims to up the sound coming from your iDevice by using the theory of natural sonic amplification and thus, it is completely void of any form of electronics. the Gramophone For iPhone and iPad features an iron and brass horn that is capable of amplifying your device’s volume by three-four times and a rustic solid wood base that doubles as the iDevice dock. Continue reading Gramophone For iPhone and iPad

Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

Gramophone horn-style speakers for iPhone are not new, but they are generally, based on natural amplification. we won’t blame their creators, cos’ having a horn this huge really tempts one to go all natural, but not the Gramovox. not a chance. a couple dudes had a better idea: combining the proven acoustic of a gramophone developed in the 1920s with the modern electronics circuitry and Bluetooth connectivity, and the result is the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone. it is a modern day gramophone, bearing all the nostalgic sounds you come to know but with the convenience of Bluetooth audio streaming. perfect? i heard you say? you bet it is. the setup consists of two parts, the nostalgic horn shaped like the Magnavox R3 horn speaker of the 1920s and a clean, minimal wooden base that houses a specially designed circuit board, Bluetooth 3.0 chip, a magnetically-shield 66mm cone driver and a 3,300 mAh lithium-ion battery that’s good for up to 15 hours of playback. Continue reading Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

Gramophone-inspired sound dock for your iPod

Gramophone iPod Station 544x488px
(credit: Pottery Barn) Gramophone iPod Station | US$95.00 (sold out) | www.potterybarn.com

the Gramophone iPod Station is yet another gadget that had me at ‘hello’. well, it didn’t actually said ‘hello’ to me but you get the idea. this iPod sound dock takes on the retro path in the guise of an older than old school gramophone – the grand daddy of all speakers. like its grand o’daddy, this docking station features the flared brass horn of the turn-of-the-century gramophone while the base is crafted out of maple veneers with a deep-espresso stain. Continue reading Gramophone-inspired sound dock for your iPod