just when we were talking about how Gramophone-style speakers almost always comes in natural amplification form, we stumbled upon yet another beautiful power-free example, also based on Gramophone design (obviously), coming from Restoration Hardware. this device or accessory, if you prefer, is simply known as the Gramophone For iPhone and iPad – a name that is as simplistic and beautiful as the hardware itself. obviously, this speaker aims to up the sound coming from your iDevice by using the theory of natural sonic amplification and thus, it is completely void of any form of electronics. the Gramophone For iPhone and iPad features an iron and brass horn that is capable of amplifying your device’s volume by three-four times and a rustic solid wood base that doubles as the iDevice dock.

the combination of raw finished steel and wood really makes the whole setup pops and we are certain that it will look awesome in any contemporary home decor. we’d be lying if we were to say that we weren’t sold by its look. natural amplification device can be never sound as good as the electronics-packed counterparts, but that doesn’t stop its creator from adding an audiophile touch to it and that touch is by the way of spike feet, more commonly employed in audiophile speakers. granted that those feet might not play a critical functional role when used with this piece of accessory, it is nevertheless, a nice addition and a boon aesthetically. the Gramophone For iPhone and iPad is available in a choice of walnut or dry oak wood base and has a retail sticker starting at $159.

Gramophone For iPhone and iPad

Restoration Hardware via Uncrate

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