Gramophone For iPhone and iPad

just when we were talking about how Gramophone-style speakers almost always comes in natural amplification form, we stumbled upon yet another beautiful power-free example, also based on Gramophone design (obviously), coming from Restoration Hardware. this device or accessory, if you prefer, is simply known as the Gramophone For iPhone and iPad

Philips x Armin van Buuren M1X-DJ Sound System

it used to be, a party at the beach or anywhere outside of your pad can be achieved by a boombox over your shoulder and a couple of mix tapes. that was when Flash Dance was a hit and before college kids started huddling into giant speakers-rigged house. well, it looks like the tide is going to change again

OPUS Universal Device Stand with Sound Amplifier

we must have seen tons of stands for iOS and Android devices, and dozens of them dealing in natural amplification, but hardly any that can actually claim as one-size fits all and by all, we do mean nearly all devices – ranging from smartphones to tablets. this is where the OPUS Universal Device Stand with Sound Amplifier

JBL OnBeat Rumble Bluetooth Sound Dock

being a geek with a discerning style taste, you probably wouldn’t settle for anything less in the look department and that applies to any gadgets that you own (or will be owning). with the JBL OnBeat Rumble Bluetooth Sound Dock, you can safely check the style ‘prerequisite’ off from your gadget’s must-have checklist

Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater

we would choose to enjoy a good HD movie on iPad over a large screen full HD TV if not for the sound that doesn’t quite match the visual awe that iPad’s Retina screen has to offer. however, with the Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater, we might just change our stance. touted as the world’s first portable…

ORA Sound System for iPad

it is no secret that iPad audio performance is anything but loud or fantastic which is a real mismatch with its beautiful high resolution display. this is where the ORA Sound System for iPad might comes in handy. with the ORA, your iPad will be instantly equipped with an array of eight front-facing speakers encased in a beautiful aluminum case which also doubles as an iPad protective…

iRock Rocking Chair

admit it: you do love to laze on a rocking chair while you surf or read with your iPad all day, don’t you? however, you gram’s rocking chair wouldn’t suit a geek like you. what you need is the iRock Rocking Chair, a rocking chair that generates power to charged up your iPad while you rock away, ensuring that the pad is constantly juiced for the long rocking day ahead. the chair…

ION Jukebox Dock iPad Speaker

to be honest, we have once dreamed of owning a jukebox, well, may be not all of us but anyway, that dream was sort of crush when we knew that it would take thousands of dollars of hard earned money away from us and CD ain’t or vinyl ain’t popular anymore. gosh and we are thankful for that else, we are not sure if we could handle that many CDs and not getting…