Brydge Keyboard Case for iPad

Brydge Keyboard Case
(photos: Brydge) Brydge Keyboard Case for iPad | from US$150.00 |

Bluetooth keyboard for iPad is in abundance, which makes us think: do really need another alternative? perhaps yes, if you are looking into turning your iPad into a netbook that looks very much like your Macbook sibling. granted, it may not function like a full-fledge Mac OS machine but it will least allow you to input text way faster with a whole lot more tactile feel than a virtual one. the Brydge Keyboard Case for iPad does exactly that. it features a patent-pending click-in hinge made of metal alloys and magnets, with a thermoplastic elastomer shell that allows you to close your iPad like a laptop and open up to 180 degrees. other highlights include iPad-specific keyboard functionality, a built-in rechargeable battery pack that’s rechargeable via USB connection, aerospace-grade aluminum chassis and optional built-in speakers. as you might have guessed it, the Brydge is a Kickstarter project and to get your hands on one, you will have to pledge $150 or more. the latter is for the model without speakers. now that the special price for the ‘with speakers model’ has sold out, expect to shell out $210 for the Brydge with speakers model. a product video follows after the break.

Kickstarter via 9to5Mac

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