With The Kensington StudioDock, You Can Kind Of Turn An iPad Pro Into A Mini iMac

The Kensington StudioDock iPad Docking Station is, in many ways, like the Apple Pro Stand, including having a beautiful and functional design that integrates seamlessly with your iPad Pro 11”, iPad Air or iPad Pro 12.9”, and a pretty steep asking price of US$399.99.

This Compact Tube is Actually a Super Strong Stand Up Stand for Laptop, Tablet and More

You know how sci-fi movies often show things like a small device, expanding into a bigger object at a touch of a button? Well, the 3-in-1 Stand Up Stand in a Tube by Cool Invent is not that, but let me assure you that it is the closest you will get to that for now. …

These Unique Tablet Stands Are Fashioned Out of Century Old Railroad Track

If you’re the type who love to stand out with the products and accessories you use, then we’re very sure these tablet stands made from reclaimed railroad tracks will be of an interest to you. Handcrafted by Nashville-based Rail Yard Studios and presented by accessory maker Griffin, these tablet stands are made from actual rail …

Evernote Extends Its Desk Accessories Collection with These Stands for Tablets, Laptops and Monitors

We are not sure why Evernote has decided to venture into marketing products, but it sure looks like they are swiftly increasing its portfolio since the launch of Evernote Market about a year ago. the latest to join the Pfeiffer Collection desktop accessories announced this past summer is the minimalistic, sleek plywood-molded stand called Bent …

TwoHands II iPad Stand by Felix

need a hand to prop up your iPad? if minimalistic design is your cuppa, then look no further than the TwoHands II iPad Stand by Felix. looking like a cross between a pair of tong and a pair of hands, this aluminum and polished plastic construction stand works by the way of spring force to clasp your iPad securely and offers a variety of viewing angles, adjustable on-the-fly to your comfort level.

OPUS Universal Device Stand with Sound Amplifier

we must have seen tons of stands for iOS and Android devices, and dozens of them dealing in natural amplification, but hardly any that can actually claim as one-size fits all and by all, we do mean nearly all devices – ranging from smartphones to tablets. this is where the OPUS Universal Device Stand with Sound Amplifier

Victorinox Knife Block with Tablet Stand

the official name for the Victorinox Knife Block with Tablet Stand is actually Cutlery Block 360° Rotating, which we thought don’t quite do the product justice. not that it can do a lot apart from keeping those sharp cutlery safe and tidy, but it does incorporate a nifty ledge on the otherwise unused side of the block for placing your tablet, or your favorite cookbook

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