these days, most people have at least two mobile gadgets, a smartphone and a tablet, and for the tech savvy folks, changing makes is a common affair which makes getting a stand a daunting task. i am sure no one wants to be purchasing an expensive stand that gets ‘obsolete’ whenever they switched brands. the VERSI Docker Stand For Smartphone and Tablet solves all the aforementioned issues. first, it can accommodate both an iPhone and an iPad with ease, and second, it is not restricted to just Apple’s small devices – as long the two devices, i.e. a smartphone and a tablet, fits within its holder’s width.

additionally, its creator, Rorabaugh Designs, has opt to go with pivoting joints, thereby giving the stand the ultimate freedom in movement, allowing you to adjust the height and angle to suit your sitting position. do not belittle this feature, cos’ getting the right angle means having a better posture and therefore less of a backache when you are done. lets just say it is also for the sake of health that a stand like VERSI Docker Stand For Smartphone and Tablet should exist. though, aesthetically speaking, its in-your-face industrial design may not appeal to all, but the benefits should more than outweigh that. detail to attention doesn’t stop there.

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the base of stand is intentionally designed with grooves (no, it is not a heat sink) to double as a desktop organizer to keep small objects such as stylus, pens, pencils, sticky notes, business cards and more, neatly together. the holder itself is lined with soft polyurethane which keeps your devices scratch-free and also provides some form of friction so that the devices won’t slide away.

the VERSI Docker Stand For Smartphone and Tablet is a Kickstarter project, where for a pledge of $69 or more, you could secure yourself one. the campaign has already surpassed its set funding goal and therefore, by backing the project you are actually pre-ordering the product which is slated to ship in April 2014. witness the versatility of the stand yourself in the embedded video below.

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