Concrete Valet Tray: Tidying Up Your Desk Has Never Been This Concrete

If you have been following this blog, you will know our weakness for all-thing concrete and as such, when we first lay our eyes on the Concrete Valet Tray (basically, a desktop tidy or a desktop organizer), we knew immediately that we have to share with you guys. We are not buying for you, but […]

Baby Groot Bust Planter Is The Most Fitting Baby Groot Merchandise Ever

Baby Groot is probably the cutest thing to have come out of Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is for that reason, there is no lack of merchandises that leverage on his cuteness, but nothing could be more appropriate than this particular piece from HEYFAIR, the Baby Groot Planter/Multi-function Desk Organizer. As the product name/description suggests, […]

Brunt Powerstation Charges Multiple Devices, Is A Book Stand Too

If you are content with what current wireless charging pads have to offer, then all is good for you, but if you are not (and you really shouldn’t), then the Brunt Powerstation Multi-function Electric Device for Desk might just be the gadget accessory you have been looking for. I will be honest with you. When […]

Composure. Its an Apple Watch Dock, a Smartphone Bed and a Desk Tidy, But Only if You Want it to be

Accessories are stuff that can’t stand the test of time. Not because they breaks down; its because the odds of you ditching your gadgets, such as smartphone, in favor of newer models is higher than you replacing the accessory. Well, that’s life as we know it, but it is not quite the case with the […]

These Dumpsty Artist Editions Let You Organize Your Desk with Dumpsters Decorated by Prolific Street Artists

too many junks on your desk? we say dump them all in a dumpster. no. not that dumpster. the Dumpsty miniature dumpsters. you may have seen Dumpsty before, but these Dumpsty Artist Editions are not just any standard Dumpsty. granted they still has the same handmade construction of heavy-duty recycled steel, measures the same 11 […]

Evernote Extends Its Desk Accessories Collection with These Stands for Tablets, Laptops and Monitors

We are not sure why Evernote has decided to venture into marketing products, but it sure looks like they are swiftly increasing its portfolio since the launch of Evernote Market about a year ago. the latest to join the Pfeiffer Collection desktop accessories announced this past summer is the minimalistic, sleek plywood-molded stand called Bent […]

DeskPal One-Piece Wood Desk Tidy

the single, most challenging thing when it comes to modern work desk is not just keeping it tidy, but looking sharp while doing so. we, like most neat freaks out there, have tried but always ended up with one or two things not in place, or even if we did achieve getting a neater desk, the…

VERSI Docker Stand For Smartphone and Tablet

these days, most people have at least two mobile gadgets, a smartphone and a tablet, and for the tech savvy folks, changing makes is a common affair which makes getting a stand a daunting task. i am sure no one wants to be purchasing an expensive stand that gets ‘obsolete’ whenever they switched brands.

STATION Desktop Organizer

if accessing your smartphone and other nitty gritty stuff from your desk has become a treasure hunt rather then a grab-and-go affair, then the STATION Desktop Organizer might just be the accessory you will need. carved out from a single piece of bamboo, a highly sustainable natural material, the STATION is a minimalist

Modo – Modular Desktop Organizer

you know what? we had a hard time deciding how to do a write up for this product, the Modo – Modular Desktop Organizer. not because it is not good but because it is a no brainer product that makes us exclaim ‘why didn’t we think of that!’ and it has too many uses that we can’t even began to categorize it. really it is that good, and flexible. basically what you have…