the single, most challenging thing when it comes to modern work desk is not just keeping it tidy, but looking sharp while doing so. we, like most neat freaks out there, have tried but always ended up with one or two things not in place, or even if we did achieve getting a neater desk, the desk will turn up looking seriously eye-hurting. with the DeskPal, it offers you with one simple solution, crafted from a single piece of wood of light Tasmanian oak or blackened Torrified Ash origin, that will help you pull all those loose stuff – pens, USB flash drives, memory cards, or whatever – together into one place and needless to say, doing so while looking ridiculously stylish.

if you love what Tinsel & Timber has done for the Apple TV Holder, then the DeskPal is the answer to your stationery placement woes and one that also provides a couple of spaces to prop up your lovely tablet and smartphone too. how’s that for a 21st century desk tidy? well, if you love what you see here, the good news is, you can pre-order one for yourself today for just $30 a piece with delivery expected to begin in June 2014. keeping going for a few more pretty images and a product video.

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