flying an RC aircraft used to be a challenge of technical skills, which means many avid aerial photographers and videographers will probably miss out on opportunities of getting awesome aerial shots, but then comes along the LA100 which kind of makes piloting a thing of the past. that was about a year and half ago. fast forward to today, Lehmann Aviation has out the second-generation LA100, simply dubbed as LA100 Version2, with two major enhancements. the first is the WiFi integration which allows you to utilize the OperationCenter software for pre-flight preparations such as changing of altitude, choice of light path and more and also keep you in the know of the system’s status including sensors, battery level, as well as autopilot check.

the next major improvement is the OperationCenter on Windows Phone 8, a new app for Windows Phone 8 (available on Windows Phone store) that offers a perfect control interface when out in the field. we are not quite sure how to put the forth the seemingly ‘miniscule’ improvements, but lets just say the improvements makes the deployment of the UAV a more futuristic affair. in fact, we suggest you catch a self-explanatory video after the fold to see it in action. apart from the two major improvements, the LA100 is pretty much the LA100 you may have acquaint with, sporting features like 300 meter (984 feet) range, 20-80 km/h (12-50 mph) speeds, flies in winds of up to 35 km/h (22 mph) and the ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -25-degree to 50-degree Celsius (-13 to 122 Fahrenheit).

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similarly, it is of foam, aluminum and carbon fiber construction and weighs in at about 850g (8.8 oz.) when fitted with a GoPro camera. the Lehmann Aviation LA100 Version2 UAV is available now for the same 990 euros, or about US$1,340. if you are holding on to the first-gen craft, upgrade is available upon request for 190 euros, or around US$260.

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