It’s not like the military never thought of going electric (think diesel electric submarine), but the Arquus Scarabee Hybrid Armored 4×4 is the first natively hybrid military vehicle any government’s money can buy, or will be able to buy once it gets past its prototype stage. Developed by French defense contractor, Arquus, Arquus Scarabee Hybrid Armored 4×4 was recently unveiled at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget and so, yeah, this is not some fantasy stuff.

Arquus Scarabee Hybrid Armored 4x4

When it comes to the military, eco-friendliness is not quite at the top of priority list, but the fact that electric drive is dead silent, makes it a perfect platform for stealthy reconnaissance. That’s not mention, it has a boost in range too. Basically, you’d have the best of both worlds, namely, silent drive for sneaking around and the grunt whenever the situation calls for it. However, details of the fossil fuel and electric drive are unknown at this point.

All we know is, this is not made for mundane grocery runs. It is a full-fledged armored vehicle made for reconnaissance, scouting and support duties, “at the contact of the enemy or behind the lines.” Arquus Scarabee Hybrid Armored 4×4 is designed to protect its occupants from ballistic and mine, and its ability to be outfitted with military hardware like multi-caliber cannon, missile launchers, anti-drone systems, radar and more, makes it a very versatile military vehicle.

Arquus Scarabee Hybrid Armored 4x4

Interestingly, it also offers two ride heights. A higher clearance for off-roading and a regular, low ride height for standby or air transport. Furthermore, it also boasts an independent rear drive, allowing a minimal steering radius demanded by most urban environment and in cluttered combat situations. Apparently, it can traverse in “crab” motion too. Crazy. Perhaps more importantly, in military speaks, it is air droppable. Not the Fast And Furious 7 kind of air drop. The real air drop.

Unfortunately, though, this military handsome ride is not something you will see on the road, but we hope to see a civilian variant in future like AM General did with the Humvee.

Arquus Scarabee Hybrid Armored 4x4

Images: Arquus.

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