Have you ever imagine what a pickup truck would like if BMW were to build one? Well, imagine no more because, BMW has just done that. Meet the BMW X7 Pickup Truck, a one-of-a-kind pickup truck and yes, it is 100 percent real and straight from the German automaker. As the name suggests, the BMW X7 Pickup is based on the BMW X7, specifically the BMW X7 xDrive40i, and it is realized by BMW Group vocational trainees with the Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology divisions at the BMW Munich plant.

One Off BMW X7 Pickup Truck

This being a xDrive40i, it naturally share the luxurious SUV’s drivetrain, a 340 HP 3L motor. In fact, the entire front end looks like a X7, but obviously, the similarly ends at the C pillar. Where the trunk used to be, it now sports a beautiful custom bed, decked out in honey-colored teak wood cladding that contrast nicely with the BMW Individual color Tanzanite Blue metallic. The deck is further spruced up with parapet elements, hand grips and trim strips made from SLS 3D pressure parts.

The bed is not exactly the most generously sized, but with the tailboard set down, it expands from 140 cm (4.6 feet) to 200 cm (6.6 feet) which allows it to comfortably accommodate a BMW F 850 GS. While essentially a crew cab that still seats five, it unfortunately won’t be able to transport three motorcycles to allow all five to go on an adventure. However, it sure looks to me that it could squeeze a couple of off-road bicycles or electric scooters.

One Off BMW X7 Pickup Truck

Anywho, as you have read, this BMW X7 Pickup Truck is not quite a pickup truck designed from the ground up. It looks pretty awesome nonetheless.

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The BMW X7 Pickup Truck made a show at this year’s BMW Motorrad Days at Bavaria’s Garmisch-Partenkirchen over this weekend (July 5-7).

All images courtesy of BMW AG.

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