Whether or not fossil fuel companies like it or not, electric drive is the future. It is inevitable, especially when motorsports start going electric and more so when prominent race car series Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft, or popularly known as DTM to us non-German speaking folks, is looking at Electric Race Series.

DTM Offers Vision of Electric Race Series

Promoter of DTM, ITR GmbH, has offered its vision into how touring car racing will be in future. It includes electric vehicles powered by battery or hydrogen with power output of 1,000 bhp and speeds as fast as 200 miles an hour. The power alone is a crazy break of current 600 horses produced by today’s turbocharged engines.

Exhilarating, no doubt. But ITR didn’t stop imagining there. It also envisioned robots at the pit that will undertake the task of changing wheels and battery packs during pit-stops. Speaking of which, a 40-minute race would have a mandatory stop for “fresh power.”

DTM Offers Vision of Electric Race Series
Robots will change wheels as well as do a battery swap at the pit stop.

In between now and the materialization of Electric Race Series, ITR will work to standardized battery/hydrogen fuel cell power system in the manufacturer series. If realized, the new electric drive series could run alongside DTM, said ITR GmbH.

Anywho, it is just a vision. Don’t hold your breath for it to happen anytime soon. Personally, I would say it will probably realize in 2025. Tops. Prior to all-electric drive race, ITR will be introducing hybrid technology in 2022. That kind of makes my prediction a little conservative, doesn’t it?

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Images: DTM/ITR GmbH.

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