Remember the Mini Cheetah, the dog-like robot that made back flips? Well, Biomimetic Robotics Lab at MIT did not stop at one unit. It now has at least 9 units which were tested together recently.

The team did what all sensible roboticists or researchers or mad scientists would do when they have a pack of 9 dog-like robots: bring them out into the open and let them have some fun.

Testing 9 New Mini Cheetahs MIT

Thankfully, these Mini Cheetahs aren’t autonomous. Each unit is controlled by a person. Still, the sight of a bunch of dog-bot frolicking out in the open was a little unnerving. It felt almost like robot dystopia future is upon us. Fortunately, it wasn’t, yet.

Keep going for the awesome (and at the same time, somewhat unnerving) video of this “fun-loving” dog-bot having fun in the field.

Images: YouTube (Biomimetic MIT).

Source: The Awesomer.

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