MIT CSAIL’s RoCycle Recycling Robot Identifies Recyclables By Touch

This is a single stream recycling robot, RoCycle, developed by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). RoCycle is able to differentiate if an object is paper, metal, or plastic. Machines that are able to identify a specific material is not new. I have personally seen one in action in an expo in Atlanta […]

First It Was A Biped, Now A Quadruped Robot Can Pull Off Backflips Too

Here’s a video of a four-legged robot called Mini Cheetah developed by Biomimetic Robotics Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) doing backflips – a skill yet to be accomplished by any fellow quadruped robot. Cool, right. Well, for now, it is sure fun to see them performing circus act. Just wait till they get […]

Real Life Ion Drive Enables Model Plane To Fly Without Moving Parts

This is no Star Wars. The propulsion method suggested in the sci-fi series has just seen a major breakthrough. Indeed, we are talking about ion drive, the source of propulsion found in TIE fighters, but of course, that was a sci-fi thing and this is the real deal. The researchers at MIT has made history […]

Scientists Want To Assimilate With Marine Fishes Using This Robotic Fish

A group of humans’ behavior will change in the presence of, say, bob cats. That’s obvious. The same applies to marine creatures when there is a presence of cold, hard observation equipment like Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) or Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV). The odd-one-out ROV will never assimilate with the fishes. As such, humans will […]

MIT Develops Hourglass-like Flow Battery That Works Without Pumps

The quest for energy storage has never stopped and more so now that we are even more reliant on this form of energy than ever before. And this quest has resulted in the development of liquid flow batteries in the 70s and though groundbreaking at that point, this battery technology is far from efficient and […]

“Second Skin” Is Possibly The Closest Thing You Will Get To Elixir of Youth

These days photos lie. The advancement in imaging hardware and software allows us to beautify our photos even as we are taking the photo and as a result, photos may not be the most accurate representation of the real person. Just think of girls with skilfully applied makeup (which probably took hours to complete) and […]