Here’s an exciting development in the field of medical science. MIT researchers has carried out a study on vaccination by inhalation, a process in which vaccines are directly deliver to the lungs.

According to the researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it boosts immune responses to viral infections or lung cancer. In the study, vaccinated mice where able to eliminate metastatic melanoma, and the vaccine helped to shrink existing lung tumors.

“Many viruses infect their hosts through mucosal surfaces such as the lining of the respiratory tract. MIT researchers have now developed a vaccination strategy that can create an army of T cells that are ready and waiting at those surfaces, offering a quicker response to viral invaders.”

Vaccines delivered directly to lung not help to protect against pathogens that infect the lungs, it could also treat cancer metastasizing to the lungs, or even preventing it from developing at all. If you are interested to learn more, you can dive into the entire report HERE.

Image credit: MIT.

Source: MIT via Reddit (u/mvea).

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