The last thing one expect to see in China is capitalist decadence like, say, a golden toilet embellished with 40,815 diamonds on the toilet seat that is reportedly worth “over $1.2 million.”

Even more strange was, this uber lavish and possibly uncomfortable throne surfaced at the recent China International Import Expo (CIIE) show in Shanghai. Why??? I have no idea.

Diamonds and Gold Toilet and Diamond Guitar
Credit: Sina News.

Even the creator was a surprise too. It is not created by an artist, or a bathroom accessories maker as you might expect. It was the handiwork of Hong Kong jeweler, Aaron Shum Jewelry’s brand Coronet.

All told, the toilet is rocking 334.68 carats worth of precious stones, earning it the official Guinness World Records title for “most diamonds set in a toilet.” Impressive and a totally unnecessary feat, but then again, which Guinness World Records aren’t?

Diamonds and Gold Toilet and Diamond Guitar
Credit: Aaron Shum Jewelry.

However, as far as value goes, the bling bling toilet was not the priciest diamond-embellished objects by the Hong Kong jeweler.

Also by Aaron Shum Jewelry’s brand Coronet was a Gibson electric guitar tricked out with 400 carats worth of diamonds and 18K white gold that is valued at $2 million.

Diamonds and Gold Toilet and Diamond Guitar
Credit: Aaron Shum Jewelry.

The $2 million guitar was created back in 2015 which, not surprisingly, secured it the Guinness World Records title as “the most valuable guitar” in the same year.

Having said that, if you don’t already know, Aaron Shum Jewelry has this obsession with setting Guinness World Records.

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With the blinged throne seen recently, it has so far bagged 10th Guinness World Records – all diamonds related, of course.

Images: Chinese Business Times/Twitter (@PDChina).

Source: Aaron Shum Jewelry [CH] via Luxury Launches.

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