We guarantee this will be the weirdest thing you ever read today. What you see here is a video service from a website called Paying Tribute. Paying Tribute creates video, or more correctly “weird personalizable short movie,” in which, wait for it… people masturbate to the picture you have submitted. Yes. You heard that right. You can make anyone the subject of a masturbation.

Weird personalizable Short Video

So, if anyone you love said he/she isn’t sexy enough, well then, you can prove him/her wrong when a bunch of people starts “wanking” to him/her. Each video features 7 characters who “stumble upon” a photo and somehow get aroused by it in a dramatic fashion and proceed to jerk off to the photo. Not going to lie, but the concept is totally absurd, but absolutely hilarious at the same time.

The photo there would be the actual photo of your friend or family member who you want to prank. But don’t worry. There’s nothing overly explicit here. There’s no nudity involved, if that’s what you are thinking. Paying Tribute’s “weird personalizable short movie” will sure to make for a great prank and/or an unforgettable gift for your chosen friend.

Weird personalizable Short Video

Perhaps, it could even boost his/her ego, when he/she learned that people are wanking off him/her. Well, that, of course, is provided that your friend is open-minded enough to accept this “gift”. There’s no guarantee if this $10 investment will make or break or relationship, so proceed with caution.

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On a side note, Paying Tribute pledges to donate 50 percent of its profits to psi.org, an organization that aims to prevent overpopulation and unwanted pregnancies in developing countries through sex education and accessibility to birth control solutions.

Keep going for a couple of somewhat NSFW sample videos.

All images courtesy of Paying Tribute.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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