Lehmann Aviation LA100 UAV

Lehmann Aviation LA100 UAV
Lehmann Aviation LA100 UAV | €990.00 | www.lehmannaviation.com

dreaming of taking your videography and/or photography to a new height but don’t have budget to engage a pilot (and an aircraft) to do so? well, we have good news for you: the Lehmann Aviation LA100 UAV might just be what you are looking for. priced at €990 a piece (about US$1,280), this sleek piece of videographer/photographer toy is touted as the first flying platform for GoPro users and is designed to piggyback a GoPro Hero 3 action cam (or two). what’s particularly interesting about this boomerang-shaped UAV is, it is fully autonomous. meaning that, all you have to do is hand launch it (with a charged battery pack, of course) and the LA100 will take flight along a pre-programmed flight path. now, just sit back and relax and wait for this baby to return after soaring through the sky at a height of between 80 to 100 meters (262 to 328 feet). and that’s it. absolutely no piloting experience needed. the only downside is, the flight path can’t be altered or overridden by remote control but we are fine by that cos’ we certainly don’t want to mess around with it and put nearly 2k worth of equipment at risk. though small, the LA100 is capable of making a speed of 20 to 80 km/h (12 to 50 mph) for a period of up to five minutes and has a modest range of 500 meters (0.3 miles) and it is one little tough guy too. it can totally face up to winds of up to 45 km/h (28 mph) and operates in temperatures from -25° C to 60° C. check out a short product intro clip after the break.

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Lehmann Aviation via Ubergizmo via Gizmag

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