From the inventor of the 30-wheel drive electric skateboard, Dan Baldwin, is the Ungoverned Vendetta. I am not sure if I should call the Ungoverned Vendetta a tracked electric skateboard. On one hand, it is very much like a skateboard, like, you know, a deck and some wheels. But on the other hand, it has a continuous track system.

Ungoverned Vendetta Tracked Electric Skateboard

Of course, skateboards with tracks aren’t new – Baldwin himself is the brainchild behind some of them. But I think Vendetta is a whole new category that may very well be a worthy alternative to snowmobile. I am serious. This little guy is made for snowy grounds.

The Ungoverned Vendetta is very much like the Drifter (that’s the 30-wheel drive monster, btw) with the ball wheels and all, but with the all-terrain benefit of a continuous track system.

When compared to Baldwin’s other tracked creations, the Vendetta has a lower center of gravity with a 125 mm (5 inches) deck height and it is significantly lighter at 19.5 kilograms (43 lbs) – thanks to the electric drivetrain as opposed to IC engine which previous tracked vehicles are powered by.

Ungoverned Vendetta Tracked Electric Skateboard

The low CG and super wide tracks resulted it having four times the surface drive area of a motocross bike, but with just 20% of its weight. This in turn results in just 1.6 lbs per square inch of pressure on the ground as opposed to say, about 5 lbs per square inch of a 220-lb person’s foot pressure. So, it kind of capable of “skimming” over powdered ground.

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Here are other highlights of the Ungoverned Vendetta:

•   2 x track drive with variable front-to-rear traction control
•   Central flex point with adjustable shock absorber including lock out to aid drifting
•   Quick change/swap-out central battery pack
•   100% waterproof vehicle and wireless controller
•   Convenient drop-and-charge wireless charger for the controller
•   In-house designed centrally mounted internal drive brushless hub motors within the drive rollers
•   Optional front and rear independent suspension
•   Optional battery packs affords ride time from 15 mins to 1hr

The Vendetta is versatile too. It further features a quick release interchangeable front assembly, allowing it to be replaced with a pair of skis or board for snowy ground or a set of blades for ice. Tell me, this isn’t a stand-up snowmobile.

Now for the good news. Ungoverned Vendetta Tracked Electric Skateboard is actually for sale and it is priced at a significant 10,000 Australian dollars (about US$7,130). Dan said there will be a small lead time.

Customization of the ride is possible too, including the prospect of a “VIP opportunity” where you can get the vehicle in custom gold finish (snazzy!) or any color of your choosing.

I believe Dan may be looking for investor or something along the line too. So, if you are investor and want to get on board, you may want to touch base with Ungoverned via its website.

Images: Ungoverned.

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