Ungoverned Presents Its Tracked Version Of Its Multi Wheels Electric Skateboard

From the inventor of the 30-wheel drive electric skateboard, Dan Baldwin, is the Ungoverned Vendetta. I am not sure if I should call the Ungoverned Vendetta a tracked electric skateboard. On one hand, it is very much like a skateboard, like, you know, a deck and some wheels. But on the other hand, it has […]

Unlimited x Loaded Conversion Kit Lets You Turn Any Skateboard Into An Electric Skateboard

You know how it goes. You have always wanted a powered skateboard, but at the same time, you find it hard to let go of your favorite non-powered skateboard. If that’s the dilemma you have facing, well, we have got good news. Longboard maker Loaded Boards and electric drive engineering company Unlimited Engineering has teamed […]

This Tiny Electric Skateboard Offers ‘Unlimited’ Range – If You Pack A Bunch Of Batteries With You

Walnut Tech AKA Walnutt, the electric skateboard maker with a thing for tiny skateboards, has just announced the pre-sale of its third-generation Spectra X electric skateboard and it is, well, tiny. Despite the diminutive size, Spectra X promised to deliver “a perfect balance of portability and range.” It has almost “unlimited range” – thanks to […]

Razer Chroma Is Coming To Electric Cars And Electric Skateboards

Razer‘s ingenious RGB lighting solution, Chroma, was originally conceived as a means of immersive gaming experience. But we heard that Chroma is stepping out to beyond gaming. No. It is not a Razer Chroma Toaster, or any appliance for that matter. It is much bigger than a toaster. Razer Chroma is getting inside cars in […]

Meet The Truly Hands-free Electric Skateboard, The Zenboard

Skateboard is old news and electric skateboard isn’t exactly new either, but most electric skateboard we have seen thus far threaded cautiously in the area of control. Almost all of them comes with an external control, a remote of sort, or at least, controllable via an app on your smartphone. Not the Australia’s Zenboard Handsfree […]

Designer Built An Electric skateboard That His Cat Can Control

Usually, cats will be scare shit when you push them along a skateboard, let alone leaving a cat on a board that propels itself, but not in the case of designer, photographer and inventor, Kim Pimmel’s feline friend. In this latest “pet projects” experiment, he built an electric skateboard for his kitty friend. And mind […]

Meet A New Kind Of Skateboard That Has Just 3 Wheels And Self-Balances

The purveyor ridiculously expensive stuff, Hammacher Schlemmer, is no stranger to selling small mobility devices like skateboard, scooter and stuff, but this one here, called Tomoloo Dragon Knight H3 3-Wheel Skateboard, is different. Firstly, it is a skateboard that has just three wheels. It looks like kids’ skatescooter but without the handle. Secondly, it is, […]

With Stark Mobility’s Electric Skateboard, You Are The Remote

Electric skateboard is a norm today, but 99.9 percent of them requires the use of a remote, or an app for control. Now, lets take a step back and think about it: do we really need that (the remote)? Well, Germany company Stark Mobility (no relation to the fictional Stark Industries) certainly did not think […]

Meet Ungoverned Drifter, An Electric Skateboard That’s 30-Wheel Drive!

Electric skateboard is a dime a dozen today. There are so many manufacturers out there today that consumers are basically spoilt for choice. Hell, you can even cobble one together with a drill if you really want one on the budget. In other words, there aren’t really any breakthrough in electric skateboard development. I mean, […]

The Future Of Electric Skateboard Is This: Without The Need For Remote

Imagine this: you walk up to a skateboard, get on it and it starts moving. Sounds more like a probable scene from some sci-fi movies, right? I mean, no control on hand and so, it is more sci-fi then reality, right? Nope. Not quite. This fantasy tech of traveling is real and it is called […]