Usually, cats will be scare shit when you push them along a skateboard, let alone leaving a cat on a board that propels itself, but not in the case of designer, photographer and inventor, Kim Pimmel’s feline friend. In this latest “pet projects” experiment, he built an electric skateboard for his kitty friend. And mind you, it is not a remotely controlled board. That would be far too mundane. This creation of his is an electric skateboard that is moved by the cat’s own accord.

Kim Pimmel DIY Pet Cat Electric Skateboard

But how? Well, Pimmel conceived a clever contraption that serves both as a placeholder for cat treats and as a throttle lever. So, when a treat is drop in it, the cat pulls it back to gain access to the snack and voila! the skateboard moves forward. Obviously, it is not a flaw-less design because, the cat won’t know how to steer the board, but still, it looks like she has no qualm about zooming around the house, you know, for the sake of a snack.

In fact, she seems to remain rather nonchalant about riding on a skateboard as you can see in the video embedded below. Perhaps, the draw of snacks is much stronger than the fear of moving on a strange piece of wooden board with tiny wheels. Or perhaps, she’s simply into both, skateboard and snacks. Whatever the case is, it does make Pimmel a cool cat owner and the cat, the coolest cat in town. Skip ahead for the aforementioned video.

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Images: YouTube.

Source: designboom.

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