Netflix Introduces Netflix Games Free For All Members

Over the last two decades, everyone is jumping to grab a piece of the streaming pie and in recent years, some of them want in in gaming too. OK. Maybe it was just Apple and Google (and maybe Samsung). Oh, wait, what? And Netflix too? So, yeah, in case you have been living under the rock, Netflix is offering mobile gaming too.

Netflix Introduces Netflix Games Free For All Members
Netflix Games on Android OS (Mobile).

Earlier this month, the streaming giant officially announced Netflix games, playable on mobile. The game selection is limited at this point. Last checked, there are six mobile games to choose from and they are Bowling Ballers, Teeter (Up), Shooting Hoops, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Stranger Things: 1984, and Card Blast. That is one more game than when it was first announced, btw.

Another game, Asphalt Xtreme is currently rolling out. Asphalt Xtreme was a game shut down by its original developer Gameloft but subsequently picked up by Netflix. So, it is in fact a reboot of the game.

Here’s the trailer of it, if anyone’s interested.

The requirement for playing the game is simple: all you need is a Netflix subscription. If you have that, the games are free to play with no ads, no additional fees, and absolutely no in-app purchases.

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You will be able to find the available games on Android Phones and iPhones, as well as on Android Tablets and iPads. Here’s the thing about these mobile games. They are not built into the Netflix app by default (obviously); they need downloading like any other game.

When you decided on a game, you will click ‘Get Game” which leads you to Google Play (or App Store) to download it. After which, the game is accessible from within the streaming app.

Netflix Introduces Netflix Games Free For All Members
Netflix Games on iPadOS.

The games are available in several languages and they will default to the preference set in your Netflix profile.

Like the streaming app, you will be able to play the game on multiple mobile devices on the same account. The games are, however, not available on kids’ profiles.

This also means that if a PIN is set to prevent kids from accessing the adult profiles, the same PIN will be queried to log in to Netflix to play the game. Finally, not all games offered required an internet connection, thus allowing you to be entertained when you are off the grid.

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