Porsche Design 911 GT3 RS Chrono is all cool and all. The problem is, to non-petrol heads, it is not straight away obvious that it is inspired by the 911 GT3 RS. The Magnus Watch Performance Series Watch, on the other hand, is over-the-top obvious that it is automobile-inspired.

Magnus Watch Performance Series Watch

It does not matter if the Magnus Watch Performance Series Watch has a piece of the automobile or not because not only it is goddamn obvious it is car-inspired – thanks to the sports car wheel design – it is also super affordable. I don’t believe it is officially licensed given the price (I could be wrong) but that does not take away its charm.

There is a myriad of wheel designs to choose from and they are very recognizable to petrol heads. There are the BBS-style M8 rims, the one which Shelby GT500 rolls on, and the wheels found on the NISMO GT-R – just to name a few.

Magnus Watch Performance Series Watch

The wheel or rim as some may call it is one of the multi-layer dial designs which also includes the slotted disc and caliper. Moreover, the watch is offered in a choice of spinning or non-spinning wheel. That’s right, folks. You can have a free spinning wheel if you like which means the watch can also double as a fidget spinner:

Magnus Watch Performance Series Watch

There are no less than 15 designs to choose from – including a lady model. Of the 15 available designs, 8 of them are new designs. You can build your own using Magnus Watch’s build-your-watch service.

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Common features include scratch-resistant sapphire, Japanese Miyota Quartz movement, water resistance to 3 ATM, interchangeable stainless steel strap, and clasp butterfly mechanism with quick release.

Magnus Watch Performance Series Watch

You can learn more about the Magnus Watch Performance Series Watch over at the product page where you can also buy one.

Images: Magnus Watch.

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