Lowfool Gundam Parody Vinyl Figure

From the maestro of unexpected parody vinyl figures, Fools, who brought to you super pumped, mustached He-Man and Skeletor, arcade playing (also super pumped) Wolverine and Jared Leto’s Joker-inspired Batman, is this new and pretty amusing parody collectible.

Lowfool Gundam Parody Vinyl Figure

Called Lowfool Steel of League (T01-GD), it is a 40 cm (1 feet and 3.748 inches) tall ABS/vinyl figure of a football player in a Gundam-inspired football protective getup.

The getup is complete with a Gundam helmet, shoulder pads, chest piece, feet and there is even a back protection in the form of the back thrusters.

The figure comes complete with a Char-inspired football.

Lowfool Steel of League (T01-GD) aka Lowfool Gundam Parody Vinyl Figure is available to order for US$360 plus shipping. It is expected to start shipping in Q3 2022.

You can put in your order at Fools’ blog, or you can check with your local collectible toy retailers/importers if they are taking pre-order for it.

If you really can’t find any, a Singapore-based online store, Dew Toy Store, is selling it and it does ship oversea. It is an option if you really want one and too skeptical to order it directly from Fools’ blog.

Images: Fools.