I always cringe when I see folks leaving their valuable in the open at the beach. I guess, there’s nothing you can do when there are no lockers around. But at least, you can have your wallet with you with the Submerge Wearable Waterproof Wallet.

Submerge Wearable Waterproof Wallet

TBH, I surely did not see a waterproof wallet coming. I mean, the mention of waterproof, immediate images would be electronics like smartphone and stuff, or maybe bags, but a wallet? Never. Well, it is here anyways and it is a product we never knew we need.

If you are a beach goer, surfer and just water sports enthusiast, the Submerge Wearable Waterproof Wallet is really a thing you may want to get. Made from vegan-friendly and sustainable materials, the wallet is 100% IPX8 rated and capable of being submerged in water up to a depth of 3 meters.

Submerge Wearable Waterproof Wallet

The wallet boasts two hidden pockets for storage, three sections to hold up to eight cards with an RFID blocker card integrated, and an external shell. It comes with a compact, airtight TPU pouch with waterproof zipper and heat-sealed seams.

Submerge can be worn on your arm with an elastic Velcro strap or hook to somewhere with a carabiner. A cardholder version is also available, if anyone’s interested.

Submerge Wearable Waterproof Wallet

The Submerge Wearable Waterproof Wallet is on its last leg on Kickstarter where you can secure it for £32 (about US$45) or £25 (about US$35) for the cardholder version.

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The response to the campaign was pretty overwhelming for wallet. It has got over US$81K in funding from over 1,200 folks. I guess people are tired of hiding their wallets under the sand or beach towel.

Images courtesy of Ronan Finnegan.

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