Xiaomi MS11 Electric Vehicle Leaked Images

We already know Xiaomi is getting into the automobile business and we have seen its “first car” which was really a random RV featuring Xiaomi gadgets. But now, images of the upcoming Xiaomi EV without camouflage have surfaced online. The images appeared to be captured by a cellphone when it was displayed on a computer monitor. So, they aren’t the sharpest images but they do offer a good look at Xiaomi’s first EV code-named MS11.

Xiaomi MS11 Electric Vehicle Leaked Images

Another thing to note is that the images appeared to be the actual car as opposed to renders. That brings us to the aesthetic… It is no doubt that Tesla’s automobile design has influenced the designs of many EVs that follow and with that said, the MS11 is no exception. In other words, it is pretty good-looking but nothing radical. It is just the EV look we have come to expect.

As for details, the leaked images hinted at pop-out door handles a full glass roof, and a bulge on the front windshield which should be the sensor array for the autonomous driving feature. Xiaomi has reportedly started a new company, called Xiaomi Automobile Technology, which focused on autonomous driving technology.

Xiaomi MS11 Electric Vehicle Leaked Images

In the same report, it is said the electric drivetrain is being developed in-house and the cars are to be produced by Xiaomi instead of subcontracting it like many China EV makers are doing. In fact, Xiaomi started the construction of the automobile manufacturing plant in mid of last year. If you find the images aren’t good enough, a Weibo user has translated those images into high-resolution drawings:

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Images: Car News China.

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