The market is no shortage of wireless chargers. There are those that can charge multiple devices. There are also the cool and the super cool, and then there are the fun ones like the Power Idolz Wireless Charging Docks by Numskull.

Power Idolz is a line of wireless charging stand for wireless charging-enabled smartphones designed like a fixed posed figure based on popular culture characters – except that, instead of a torso and head, it has either a VHS tape packaging or a game cartridge for the charging surface.

So far, the Power Idolz series has four designs and they include Back to the Future I, Ghostbusters, JAWS, and Sonic The Hedgehog. The former three’s charging surface mimics the retro VHS packaging of their respective properties while the Power Idolz Sonic The Hedgehog Wireless Charging Dock’s charging surface is modeled after the game’s Mega Drive retro package.

Each wireless charging dock is complete with non-posable arms and legs that allow it to serve as a standalone model to spruce up your boring work desk. It, of course, serves as a handy stand for your smartphone that also keeps it topped. Speaking of charging, each Power Idolz Wireless Charging Dock is capable of 10 W fast charging.

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I am not sure which character the Ghostbusters wireless charger is based on, but it is clear that BTTF is based on Marty, while JAWS is inspired by shark hunter Quint, and Sonic is, of course, the supersonic hedgehog himself.

If you asked me, Quint wireless charger will be perfect next to the NECA JAWS 8-inch Quint figure and/or the JAWS Toony Terrors diorama.

The Power Idolz Wireless Charging Dock by Numskull Designs can be had for US$47.99 a pop.

Images: Numskull.

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