There are many people who made things out of cardboard. We have seen a bunch, including the likes of Psycho-Pass Dominator Gun Prop, a Death Star model, and an Iron Man helmet – just to name a few. However, not many cardboard craftspeople did it like it is something money can buy. DanCreator / Cardboard Crafts did exactly that.

Cockpit of Mobile Suit Gundam Made Out Of Cardboard

Most – if not all – his cardboard crafts were made to look like kit money can buy and the cockpit of Mobile Suit Gundam you see here is his latest cardboard work of art. Using just cardboard (well, mostly because there are transparent materials and stuff), DanCreator has recreated the interior of the RX-78-2 Gundam and the result is cardboard perfect.

DanCreator’s cardboard Cockpit of Mobile Suit Gundam features a host of details, including a movable throttle stick, instrument panels, and LED light elements. It is hard to describe how impressive it is and so, may I suggest that you witness the build process yourself.

Cockpit of Mobile Suit Gundam Made Out Of Cardboard

Images: YouTube (DanCreator / Cardboard Crafts).

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