If you haven’t already heard, Razer has a pair of kicks featuring adorable mascot, Sneki Snek. It is not Razer-branded, though. This pair of kicks was born out of a collaboration with Cariuma, a shoemaker that shares Razer’s vision of a sustainable world.

Razer x Cariuma OCA Canvas Sneakers

The shoe, Razer x Cariuma OCA Sneakers, is based on Razer x Cariuma OCA Sneakers and is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton canvas, natural rubber, and recycled plastics.

In addition, the insole is 100% vegan, made from organic mamona oil and cork. Each insole promised arch support and super-soft memory foam that hugs your feet for maximum comfort.

Cariuma said each pair is handcrafted “to feel like the perfect broken-in sneaker, right out of the box.”

Razer x Cariuma OCA Canvas Sneakers

Differentiating the Razer x Cariuma OCA Sneakers with the regular OCA is, of course, the super cute Sneki Snek, found on the side of each shoe.

Rounding up the pack are two pairs of laces: one single-color and one two-tone, for your choosing. The laces are also made from recycled plastics.

That’s not all. With each pair of Cariuma x Razer sneakers sold, it’d be saving 10 trees around the world. Like, what’s not to love, right?

Razer x Cariuma OCA Canvas Sneakers

Available in All Black and Black, and in a choice of Low or High cut for both men and ladies, the Razer x Cariuma OCA Canvas Sneakers can be had for US$89 and up from Cariuma.com.

Razer x Cariuma OCA Canvas Sneakers

Images: Cariuma.

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