chin up at night and you will be able to awe at the majestic stars filled dark sky, but if you want to see further such as peering into the Orion Nebula or perhaps be dazzled by trillion stars of the Andromeda Galaxy, then you will need more than just a pair of naked eyes – this calls for a piece of hardware identical to those used by the likes of the U.S. Naval Observatory and NASA, such as The Observatory Class Telescope as offered up by Hammacher. equipped with a 20-inch diameter aperture, the scope is capable of letting in some 5,000 times more light than human eye, thus allowing your vision to wander deep into the space where until now, you could see on BBC or the National Geographic channel or when visiting your local science center or observatory.

a built-in GPS works in conjunction with an onboard computer to automatically orientate and track any of the 144,000 celestial objects and if you decided that a glance isn’t enough, the telescope also supports the use of large-format CCD camera (not included, obviously) for capturing stills and videos in real-time so that you can relive those surreal sights over again and again. available through Hammacher Schlemmer for a princely sum of $35,000, but hey, nobody says having an observatory in your pad would be anywhere near affordable. well, at least that’s all you have to spend cos’ you won’t be needing a dome enclosure or an integrated seat or whatnot. grab it and start observing.

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