6 Creative and Practical Uses For LEGO

LEGO was founded in 1932 by Dane, Ole Kirk Christiansen, and has consistently been one of the most popular toys in the world, year after year. LEGO is loved by children and adults alike due to its versatility and ease of use. Over the past few years, there has been a trend in adults inventing LEGO hacks – showing the world that LEGO is more than just a children’s toy. Here are 6 creative and practical uses for LEGO.

Key Holder

Are you always losing your keys? An easy way to store them is to construct a key rack from LEGO. Start with a baseboard in a big enough size to cover all of your keys when they are placed side by side. Attach this baseboard to the wall. Find a brick for each set of keys and ensure it is a brick with at least one hole in it big enough to thread the ring holding your keys through. This brick will stay on your key ring, and when you want to hang your keys up, you will attach this brick to the baseboard. You can decorate the baseboard of your key rack with smaller pieces of LEGO.


Brighten up your walls by constructing pictures using large base plates and flat LEGO bricks and placing your creation in frames. Take inspiration from pop art and modern art that will work well with LEGO bricks’ angular shape. Create sculptures of animals, cartoon characters, or anything that takes your fancy. Show your passion for LEGO in every room of your house – make LEGO Zoom backgrounds for your study, colorful mirror frames in your bathroom, and create an impact in your kid’s room by covering their bedroom walls with artistic LEGO constructions.

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Cable Tidy

6 Creative and Practical Uses For LEGO
Photo credit: Mikeshouts.

Create a cable tidy for phone and tablet cables with much the same method as you would use to make a key holder. Attach LEGO figurines to a baseplate and thread the cable through their hands to keep it separated and out of the way of other cables.

Gift Box

Have you bought a gift for a loved one and forgot to buy wrapping paper? Does your gift recipient love LEGO and you want to give them something unique? Then why not construct a gift box from LEGO bricks.

Build a 3-sided box shape using a baseboard for the bottom and then do the same to create a lid for the box, ensuring that you construct edges on each part that will ensure the two sections fit securely together. Use contrasting colored bricks to construct a bow shape on top of and around the box to make it look like it is tied up with ribbon.

Aquarium Furniture

If you have pet fish, you can build an underwater paradise for them. Use LEGO to build a fishy city, a castle, a pirate ship, or a sports stadium. Ensure there are plenty of places for them to hide in and that the bricks are clean and free from chemicals before you put them in the tank with your fish.


Bookends for your bookshelf are a fun project for any age and ability. Construct two structures that are both flat on one side to hold up a row of books. Let your imagination run wild and make them in the shape of anything your heart desires.

Featured Image by Clovis Cheminot from Pixabay.