Tailio Smart Health Monitor for Cats

When it comes to pet care, I think we have seen enough of gizmos, connected or not, that will make sure your cats are eating and basically living well, but none actually tackles the health issue specifically. Previously, we saw one device that uses the cat’s weight and eating habits to detect any telltale sign of any potential health issue, and now, there is yet another one that goes by the same concept, except that this new entrant known as Tailio Smart Health Monitor for Cats captures the weight while your feline friend is taking a crap or leak.

Tailio is basically a high-tech, connected weighing scale that slips under your cat’s litterbox. It will pick up the cat’s weight, waste, visit patterns to the litterbox, as well as behavior while inside the box, and these collected data will then be accessible via a mobile app that, believe it or not, will also remind you when the box needs cleaning up. Man, how does it even knows? By weight I suppose? Like, how much does a cat’s poops weight? Seriously, we have cats, but never knew their crap would worth any weight at all. Perhaps, that’s where the magic of Tailio lies: a super sensitive scale, to detect even the slightest change in weigh of the litterbox’s contents.

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What’s even more amazing is, Tailio is capable of tracking multiple cats and will, over time, learn about each cat to generate an individual profile of physiology and behavior unique to each cat. The basis is simple: any drastic change from the baseline of the aforementioned could be a sign that somethings not right and so you, as a responsible cat owner, can seek help when such anomalies are detected. You can even share this findings or report with your kitty’s veterinarian by emailing them straight from the app or website.

If the response on Kickstarter is any indication, Tailio Smart Health Monitor could be something the market sorely miss – in just a couple of days into the campaign, it has shoot past its initial funding goal of $30,000 and has over 200 backers behind it. And so yes, it will be made and if you have $99 to drop (or $149, if you’re slow to act), you can pre-order one and expect to see it at your doorstep sometime in April 2015, or May 2015 if, again, you’re slow to act.