Redneck Backscratcher Garden Rake Backscratcher

Itchy back. We all have it sometimes. Some more often than others. For those who have it more often, you’d wish someone is there always to scratch your back. But lets face it, not every time someone is there to have your back and so, forcing yourself to be a yoga master (or contortionist) is the only way to quell that itch. Or, you could get this: Redneck Backscratcher.

Redneck Backscratcher Garden Rake Backscratcher

I know, right. I does put a smile on your face because, it is designed to look like a garden rake – down to the color, only smaller and definitely won’t score blood. It is a gag gift, but it is also totally functional. Just make sure you don’t get it mixed up with your actual garden rake.

You don’t want to ruin this perfectly awesome backscratcher by dragging into your lawn. Also, you may want to keep this away from your kids because, they will think it is toy rake for them to do gardening with you.

Redneck Backscratcher Garden Rake Backscratcher

Unlike the actual rake, this one is designed to be flexible and contours to your body. The large scratcher and the handle combined to ensure it can reach the farthest end of your back. It may not be the best backscratcher out there, but it sure is fun and the biggest there is on the planet (according to its maker).

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I think this makes for a perfect gag gift whether or not the person you are gifting it has itchy back or not. If you are sold by the concept, you may pick it up on for just US$24.99 a pop. Itchy back ladies won’t be left out either because, there’s now a Lady Redneck Backscratcher too (essentially just color change, but anyways.. )! And it sells for the same US$24.99.

Images: Haha Brand.