Owndays x Gundam Head Glasses Case

Japanese eyewear maker Owndays is celebrating 40 years of Mobile Suit Gundam with a four models of Gundam x Owndays Wear the Gundam eyewear and a very special item eyewear storage case that no super fans of Gundam should ever miss. Like, seriously.

Owndays x Gundam Head Glasses Case

The eyewear storage case is modeled after the head of the Gundam RX-78-2 in 1:7 scale. Loosely translated as Gundam Head Case, this one-of-the-kind eyewear storage case stores up to 6 pair of glasses.

The head sculpt of the RX-78-2 is impressive in itself, but if you need more reasons to pick up this, well, how about light and sound? Yes. Gundam Head Case has those too.

Owndays x Gundam Head Glasses Case

Pulling on the Gundam’s antennae will reveal a space for stashing a pair of eyewear behind the dual monitor AKA Gundam’s “eyes” (which removable, btw). When the “dual monitor” is closed, the eyes of Gundam will light up and at the same, trigger a sound effect.

Now, that’s super cool. If I had this, I’d be retrieving and putting eyewear behind the “dual monitor” for no reason.

Unfortunately, though, Gundam Head Case is only available to Japan. Advanced reservation for Gundam Head Case will start on October 18 through to October 23, 2019 and only at Owndays DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, while reservation will begin on October 24, 2019 (also at the same store).

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Estimated availability is said to be “early March 2020” and as for the price, this little guy is pricey. It will run you back at 39,980 yen plus tax (approximately US$369+).

Unlike the Gundam Head Case, the Gundam x Owndays Wear the Gundam eyewear is not limited to Japan. The 11,980 yen (plus tax, of course; around US$110+) a pop eyewear will be available starting December 13, 2019, in 12 countries/regions where Owndays have stores.

Though, it is not known which are the “12 countries/regions”.

A little more on the eyewear. The frame is made of sturdy and lightweight stainless steel material with matte finish.

The eyewear is available in four colorways, each tied to the colors of Gundam, Dom, Zaku II, and Char’s Zaku II.

Gundam x Owndays Wear the Gundam Eyewear

Images courtesy of Owndays Japan [JP].